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Sport armband factory spent a wonderful Christmas Eve

Author: 5551    source: 66661     Datetime: 2015-12-28 16:39:42

Our sport armband factory held a wonderful party for the celebration of Christmas Eve!


Everyone has prepared a gift for exchange and keep it mysterious. Before you could take a gift, each member of the sport armband team need to blind pick a small piece of note and present a performance as the little note indicated. Only everyone was pleased, can the person walk away with the gift. 

sport arm bag

Some of the interesting performance.


armband case.JPG


We also enjoyed a great buffet.

1 (48)


It was also a Birthday party for 5 of our armband factory colleagues.


Our managing director Mr Kenneth having a nice & warm converation with the employees at the balcony.


It was an amazing & unforgettable  Christmas Eve which full of laughters, suprise and happniess!

Ms Bella got a present of the sport jogging case for iPhone 6, she was so excited that she wore the armband case at the gym the second day. 

She Looked so fit & sunshine, right? Envy her good body shape? Join us now for more outdoor sports and send your inquiry to our sport armband factory: info@sport-armband-factory.com

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