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LED Running safety belt

Author:     source:     Datetime: 2016-03-31 09:46:54

Our client Mr. Sposato likes to run, and he live in the middle of nowhere, there even do no have street lights. Since the summer is coming, people prefer to stay at the ourdoors. It is a problem for him, so our Emori factory has been working on the new perfect running belt for male and female runners workout at night.

Same as our other items, soft and durable materil, no bouncing nor riding up, and it allow to stretch from 27 to 33 inches. What make this item special is that have led lumen on the buckle. 3-mode LED light increases visibility and your safety in the outdoors at night. It also will be easily noticed by vehicles in the dark and reduce chances of accidents, it is the advanced version of out sport running belt.